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Magic Coffees:

Rumor has it that the Renaissance started with a coffee, by courtesy of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Coffee also has been considered to be the drink of the Gods because it could bring the amount of energy and pleasure unbearable by human beings. But few people know that coffee is a natural and powerful aphrodisiac.

Coffee increases levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with the pleasure system of the brain. A surge of energy and excitement is accompanied by increase of our sensitivity and awakens sexual energy, referred to life energy by the ancients. According to the legends, this is the power that allows people to fulfill their potential in different areas of life and to reach the objects of desire.

The secret to strength of our magic coffees is the precise blending of the luxurious selected beans from around the world and its every once in a while consumption.

Speciality Coffees:

Choose one of our speciality coffees based on their unique qualities, flavours and abilities to change the way you feel.

You can add from our natural everyday seasonings such as vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, cocoa, ginger, white pepper, etc.

Our special recipes can create in you extraordinary feelings. For men it may be strength, courage or confidence. For women you may find it is attractiveness, femininity or sensitivity.

Regular Coffees:

We also have fantastic regular coffees for the less adventurous but who still desire and expect a high quality coffee worthy of the Magic name.

Our regular coffees are made from the finest Single Origin Brazilian beans.

We have also picked what we believe are some of the best blended coffees available. These are available to order.

    • Regular Coffees - 1

    • Aureo


      Origin: Drawn from the major coffee growing regions such as Costa Rica, Colombia (Huila), Brazil (Mogiana), Guatemala and Uganda), Aureo is a fine blend of Arabica coffee beans.

      This smooth well rounded coffee has a great crema.

      Its Tasting Notes are:

      • Medium acidity
      • Malty notes at the front end
      • Smoky
      • Spicy flavours
      • Heavy body
      • Lingers long on the finish

      The blend is freshly roasted in the UK using an air bed roaster to ensure the highest quality. This method removes the bitter, smoky taste of coffee leaving a more natural flavour, the way mother-nature intended.

    • Regular Coffees - 2

    • Kata


      Origin: Brazil, Guatemala

      This is a stunning blend - we think so anyway. A medium roast to ensure you have all the sweetness yet dark enough to enjoy this blend with milk. It is a simple blend design with just two beans which will hopefully make the blend very consistent throughout the bag.

      Beautiful cappuccinos and lattes with real chocolatey notes. As an espresso you get a hit of sweetness followed by nutty notes. It is the sweetness and the nutty characteristics that make this coffee so special.

      Kata is made up of 100% Rainforest Alliance certified beans.

      This is a beautiful blend of South and Central American coffees. The Brazil in this blend is designed to be the base and helps with the nutty notes. The Guatemala makes this coffee sweet and a little chocolatey.


Coffees To Taste:

Enjoy the taste of wonderful coffees from around the world in the comfort of your own home. We have a large selection of Single Origin coffees to buy and take home.

Each coffee is rated according to how sweet and how acidic it is so that you can compare and contrast the tastes of each coffee to help you enjoy your favourite one over and over again.


A beautiful coffee from the famous coffee growing region of Cerrado Minas Gerais. This is a pulped-natural coffee and delivers a smooth mild coffee with notes of chocolate and nuts.




This supremo chocolatey nutty coffee is from Medellin in Colombia and delivers a beautiful balanced and smooth coffee that you can enjoy any time of the day. Roasted slowly to truly bring out the natural flavours.



Costa Rica

This beautiful Arabica coffee from La Laguna in the Tres Rio region of Costa Rica is a wet processed coffee and is dried on terraces in the sun. This delicious coffee delivers a nutty flavour with a healthy acidity. Balanced with a clean flavour.




Our Ethiopian is from the Oromia Co-Operative and is from the region of Djimmah. This dry processed coffee has a natural flavour with notes of dried fruits. This is a coffee with a great body and low acidity.




A fruity coffee from Nueva Granada in Monte Flor. This stunning coffee is from a wet process and has a clean mouth feel with hints of vanilla. Expect a good body with plenty of sweetness and an aroma of mixed fruits.




A bright lively cup with an excellent citrus acidity. Best suited as a black filter coffee. In the cup expect a brightness and a mild body with a pleasant sweetness with plenty of winey notes with hints of berries.



El Salvador

We carefully roast this coffee to bring out all the vanilla notes and preserve the lively citrus acidity. This speciality Arabica coffee is from the Shekinah estate in El Salvador and produces delicious coffees that are sweet, smooth and well balanced.




A stunning coffee from the La Centrale Co-Operative in Honduras. In the cup expect a sweet coffee with hints of nuts and chocolate. A beautiful smooth and mild coffee that shines as a filter coffee.




This Rwanda coffee comes from the Missouzi Co-Operative and is a washed coffee. Beautiful red flavours of cranberries and a wonderful sweetness. You can expect a good body with good acidity. Ideal as a filter and adventurous as an espresso.




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