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    • English Breakfast

      English Breakfast

      A blend of teas grown from different parts of the world. The Kenyan creates the colour, Assam the strength and the depth comes from the Ceylon. Whether you take it with milk or go black, the English Breakfast blend is a full-bodied and robust tea and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

    • Earl Grey

      Earl Grey

      A classic blend from India, China and Seylon with hints of bergamot. Like the English Breakfast Blend this tea can be brewed with or without milk and enjoyed throughout the day.

    • Afternoon Blend

      Afternoon Blend

      An aromatic blend of teas from China, flavoured with Bergamot and Jasmine. Ideal for drinking black when brewed light for the afternoon.

    • Assam


      From the north east of India, ideal for those who like a stronger tea with a full body. A very popular choice.

    • Green Sencha

      Green Sencha

      Spring-picked and prepared in such a way to enhance it's fresh herb-like and flowery taste. Enjoy it as a hot tea or as a ice tea. Refreshing and fragrant.

    • Jasmine


      To ensure the Jasmine flower's scent is strong the flowers are picked at dusk and then layered with green tea leaves overnight. The green tea leaves absorb the sweetness and aroma of the Jasmine flower, producing a tea that will awaken your senses.

    • Chamomile


      A light and refreshing tea made from 100% pure dried chamomile blossoms. This aromatic tea is ideal for afternoons and late evenings.

    • Green Gunpowder

      Green Gunpowder

      Visibly resembles gunpowder (tiny pearls of hand rolled leaves). The pearls open up when hot water is added to produce a dark green brew which complements most meals. For the summer months, why not brew it as a thirst-quenching ice tea. Lemon and sugar can be added to suit your taste buds.

    • Rooibos


      This caffeine-free tea from South Africa is rather unique in flavour and brews a wonderful colourful tea.

    • Darjeeling


      From the Darjeeling district in West Bengal, India. A light bodied drink that produces an orange coloured tea.

    • Keemun


      This premium tea from Anhui produces a beautifully clean tea with a sweet finish. Ideal for drinking at any time of the day.

    • Mango


      A delicate tea with hints of sweet mango.

    • Blue Lady

      Blue Lady

      A superb aromatic Ceylon that is blended with natural oils of bergamot.

    • Peppermint


      Aromatic and popular and beautifully green.

    • Vanilla


      A bright smooth tea with the popular flavour of vanilla.

    • Cinnamon


      A sweet and spicy tea that gives you a warm feeling inside.

    • Kiwi and Strawberry

      Kiwi and Strawberry

      Beautiful fruit infusion with vibrant colours and a stunning red berry colour once brewed.

    • Passionfruit and Orange

      Passionfruit and Orange

      An interesting combination of smoothness and sharpness yet still really relaxing.

    • Apple and Lemon

      Apple and Lemon

      A very bright mixture yet still easy to drink.